Welcome to the spellbinding island of Santorini Greece, the most magical and mysterious place in the Aegean Sea.

It is a favorite holiday spot for the international jet-set, as well as for world travellers who want to experience the beautiful beaches, extraordinary ancient sites and dramatic natural settings time and time again. On this page you are provided with Santorini travel information, including beaches and sightseeing attractions, enhancing our Santorini cruises.

Santorini Sightseeing

There is one image of Santorini that stands out from the rest: the vista of the sunset view in the Caldera, illuminating the volcano and the small volcanic isles. Pictures of this image, however, cannot do it justice. It is something one must experience up close. The Santorini sunset view is probably one of the most photographed images in the world, and rightly so, as it is such a breathtaking spectacle and a must during your stay on the island. Our Santorini cruises can take you into the Caldera area during daytime or sunset, enabling you to admire the view, surrounded by the deep blue Aegean Sea.

Apart from the sunset and volcano, one should also visit the marvellous ancient sites of the island. In Santorini Akrotiri, there is an extremely well-preserved Prehistoric settlement, similar to Pompeii, which was covered for ages in ash and lava that spewed out of the volcano in the 17th century BC. At Santorini Akrotiri, visitors have the opportunity to see an entire settlement, with houses, storage rooms, streets, staircases, and a very sophisticated sewage system, which was most unusual for the era. The Santorini Akrotiri settlement is believed by many scholars to be connected to the Lost Continent of Atlantis.

The site of Ancient Thira is another priceless treasure of Santorini. It was a major city in ancient times, which was built on a hill to offer a panoramic view of the island and to protect its residents from enemies. The site includes sanctuaries, houses, a gymnasium, an agora, a stoa, and a theatre. In the capital Fira, we suggest walking through the lively streets of the town and visiting the wonderful museums (Archaeological, Folklore and Prehistoric Thira), the lovely cathedrals, and the Venetian Gyzi Manor. In Oia, you can visit the marvellous Maritime Museum and stroll through the charming town alleyways.

Imerovigli is another picturesque town, located opposite the volcano, with traditional Santorini architecture. In the inland villages of Vothonas, Megalochori, and Pyrgos, we suggest going on a short wine-tasting tour to sample the delicious locally-produced wines. We recommend acquiring a good Santorini map that includes all the “must” sightseeing on the island.

Santorini Beaches

The island of Santorini is known for its unique beaches, some of which have colourful volcanic sands that match the dramatic natural features. Near Akrotiri, close to the Prehistoric settlement, are the Red and White Beaches, which have reddish and white sand and pebbles, respectively. The grey and black beaches in Kamari, Monolithos, Perissa, and Perivolos are very popular beaches, with greyish and black sand.

Armeni and Ammoudi are two Santorini beaches situated beneath the town of Oia, both of which are very charming and ideal for swimming. You can see these two beaches on one of our Santorini cruises. Along the northern and northeastern coast you will come across the beautiful Santorini beaches of Baxedes, Paradissos, Koloumbos and Vourvoulos. Visit as many of these beaches as possible and then mark your favorites on your Santorini map.

Santorini Cuisine

Dining on Santorini island offers visitors the opportunity to sample some of the local dishes that have become favorites throughout Greece. Fava bean dip and tomato balls are probably most well-known, while the fried white eggplants, courgette balls, and fresh seafood dishes will quickly become staples in your meals while in Santorini. A couple of glasses of Santorini wine will enhance your dining experience.