Our sailing boats

Bella Aurora & Thalassa:

Our graceful Santorini sailing boats “Bella Aurora” and “Thalassa” are exact replicas of a Schooner and a Brigantine, created during the 18th and 19th century, a period that has been characterized as the “Golden Age of Sails”. We have built these Santorini sailing boats out of love for that time when the sails reigned the seas, praised by famous authors like Jules Verne, Jack London and Herman Melville.

Bella Aurora:

Our Santorini sailing boat “Bella Aurora” runs private sailing cruises within the Santorini caldera and its capacity is up to 30 passengers. It is available for morning and sunset sailing cruises.

Hull length: 18m
Water line: 14.90m
Beam: 4.64m
Draft: 2.50m


Our Santorini sailing boat “Thalassa” runs daily sailing sunset cruises within the Santorini caldera. It runs private sailing cruises for groups larger than 50 people only upon special request. Its total capacity is 120 passengers.

Hull length: 27,25m
Water line: 24.10m
Beam: 7.60m
Draft: 2.70m




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